Colorful mango cassis fruits

Tasty, colorful and fast – ideal for the summer buffet. Fun for kids and fun for adults.

Do you feel like the kitchens of this world? We offer you numerous recipes from the Orient and the world. Very easy to recreate. Discover now!

Recipes from all over the world

We are dedicated to the art of cooking with the finest ingredients. Are you also passionate about cooking and curious about new recipes? Do you feel a desire for the kitchens of this world? Then you have come to the right place! No more boring recipes. We are constantly on the lookout for new, unusual recipe ideas that you can easily prepare at home. Unique taste experience guaranteed!

Delicious dishes from 1001 nights

Oriental dishes enchant the senses with fragrant spices and herbs such as cumin, mint, saffron or cinnamon. In addition to spices, lamb, yogurt, chickpeas or couscous are among the typical ingredients used in oriental cuisine. Already tried falafel with oriental yogurt dip? How about chickpea curry with chicken? Or prepare Persian saffron rice with barberries. To all those with a sweet tooth: Baked apples with vanilla sauce and colorful mango-cassis fruits are waiting to be recreated. All these recipes and many more can be found on our website. Let yourself be enchanted by the oriental cuisine!

Cooking with ingredients from our house

Whether spicy dishes or sweet treats – dive into the kitchens of this world with our recipes and bring this flair into your kitchen. All the spices, herbs, rice blends and other ingredients we use for our dishes can be found in our online store. In addition, we offer you under the heading “Your Accessories” small helpers that make cooking easier for you. For example, you will find a Persian rice stove, skewers, mortars and pestles.


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